Current Surveys

The UK Squirrel Accord Group is seeking input for two current studies.  

Student researchers are asking for your input into two separate surveys.

 Please click on the links below to add your views on the subjects and contribute to the data gathering. 

Also, please do share with others in your networks.

Attitudes to red squirrel reintroduction in the South West 
- deadline 07 September 2019

The purpose of this study is to assess the social acceptability of red squirrel reintroduction in the South West. It is intended that the results will provide insights for groups currently undertaking or wishing to undertake such projects.

Perceptions and attitudes of stakeholders towards changing predator populations in the UK 
- deadline March 2020
This study will investigate stakeholder perceptions, experiences and opinions around different recovering native predator species in the UK, including the pine marten. 

Many thanks,
Kay Haw
UKSA Director