Pine Martens, Squirrels and Forestry


There is a fascinating article on the impact of pine martens on squirrel populations. To read the article click the link below which will open it in a new page.


According to the Squirrel Accord :-

The National Forest is regenerating 200 square miles of land damaged by mining and industry. Creating mixed habitat forest that is breathing life back into the landscape and transforming communities and lives.

 However, grey squirrel bark stripping is damaging thousands of the ecologically and economically important broadleaved trees planted over the last 25 years.

 Grey squirrels target trees of 10-50 years old. Damage creates open wounds, weakens, stresses and kills trees. This is a serious problem seen in many areas of England and Wales. 

The issue must be effectively addressed, as it is taking place at a critical time when the UK is working to increase its tree and woodland cover for the many essential benefits trees provide for wildlife and people. 

A fascinating film showing the effect of grey squirrels on trees

To see greys in action see below: -