Pine Martens, Squirrels and Forestry

There is a fascinating article on the impact of pine martens on squirrel populations. To read the article click the link below which will open it in a new page.

People's attitudes and experiences of native protected predators
- we want to hear from you! 
You are invited to take part in a study that is exploring people's attitudes and experiences of native protected predators in the UK. This is an opportunity to share your opinions about the management of native wildlife and predators, and any experiences you may have had with the focal predators, both positive and negative. The study aims to gain insights into the relationship between people and predators to provide information for evidence-based management. 
Therefore, it is extremely important that we hear your views, as we want to hear from people living all over the UK with different interests and levels of experience with native predators. 
The online questionnaire is anonymous and will take approximately 15-45 minutes to complete, depending on the amount of experience you have with each predator. 
 To complete the survey please follow this link: 
Many thanks in advance! Keziah Hobson (PhD Researcher, University of Aberdeen,