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The Telegraph   The red squirrel is one of Britain's most distinctive small mammals, but its population has declined rapidly following the introduction of grey squirrels in the late 1800s. It is estimated there are just 140,000 red squirrels left in Britain, compared to 2.5 million greys. In this video we highlight some of the best places to spot red squirrels and share some interesting facts about their habitat. 

Natural World Facts

This fact file is all about the Red Squirrel in the series Mammals. 

National Trust, Wallington   Published on Jan 7, 2016

Spotting one of Britain's rarest wild animals is easier than you might think. The cute but feisty red squirrel survives in the North of England and on several islands - with a little help from the National Trust. Find out more about this appealing little animal in this video from the Wallington Estate.

My Backyard Birding      NOT FILMED IN GREAT BRITAIN BUT STILL WORTH A WATCH FOR SHEER CUTENESS.   Six Red Squirrel Kittens came out of the nest in early October. It is always a wild scene when they first start leaving the nest. It does not take long before they are running all over getting into trouble despite Mom's best advice. I believe I have individual videos of each of the six as well as the group. 

BBC.  Red Squirrel extreme assault course - Clever Critters - BBC Animals

 Red squirrel conservationists invent an assault course to test the intelligence of these cute and rare forest animals. Will any squirrels complete the course? Watch this clip from BBC show Clever Critters to find out! Narrated by British comedienne Dawn French. 

Noisy Red Squirrels

With thanks for the wonderful photography by Ross Knowlton, some amazing sounds. Who knew they could be so noisy!

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This is a fascinating timelapse sequence ..............