Red Squirrel Goods for Sale

We have three main local suppliers.

Riverside based near Blyth which provides a sheltered workshop setting to support those who may find mainstream employment difficult.

Minerva based in Hexham whose mission is to inspire and encourage those with different learning abilities.

and Jenny Bell from Durham who designs items specifically for us featuring red squirrels in the designs. 

NOTE  because we are unable to sell through our usual channels this year we have run our stock of some items down so we apologise if the item you wish to order is out of stock. 


In order to keep the postage and packaging cost as low as possible we have priced the P & P into some of our smaller or lighter items which will go by letter rate postage. 

These items have the postage and packing cost included in the price. They are clearly marked in their descriptions. If you are buying ONLY any of these items please use the postage already included button at checkout. 

If you are buying any of the other items or a mix of postage included and other items please use the £3.99 delivery charge button. 

Thank you