NatureSpy trail cameras


NatureSpy are a leading supplier of trail cameras and associated accessories. It has come to our attention that they will not supply any equipment to any groups involved in red squirrel conservation. Below is a direct copy of their policy supplied on request :

At NatureSpy we understand the importance of effective and humane grey squirrel control measures in certain areas. However, we have been made aware of instances where some volunteer groups have carried out ineffective and prolonged grey squirrel dispatch. Although we know that the large majority of groups carry out such measures efficiently and humanely, these unfortunate incidents have led us to make a difficult decision. At the present time, we are unable to supply equipment or resources to any project or organisation that involves volunteer participation in animal dispatch for grey squirrel control purposes. This blanket no-supply policy has become necessary after receiving similar reports of poor practice from different groups and we feel that we cannot effectively police and manage the supply of equipment to all groups with volunteer involvement in animal dispatch. 

They also have this policy on the website (accompanied by an image of a brown bear):


Although we appreciate that some conservation efforts require wild animals to be controlled, we have a strict anti-hunting policy. As such we cannot supply camera traps for the purposes of wildlife monitoring with the intention of dispatching any animal.

I have asked for details of these alleged instances and if they have been reported to the police, but this has not been forthcoming. I have asked if they are prepared to engage with the red squirrel conservation bodies. I have pointed out that their products are all supplied by companies like Browning, who are hunting equipment manufacturers and are owned by FN Herstal of Belgium, who are the biggest manufacturers and exporters of hunting and military small arms in Europe. 

There is obviously no problem whatsoever with any business choosing with whom they do business or how they do business. 

However, NatureSpy is promoting an image of red squirrel conservationists being inhumane and ineffective, sending the message that we are incompetent or deliberately cruel. This is as wrong as it is insulting and anyone reading it may draw a totally incorrect conclusion about our conservation efforts. This is a damaging piece of misinformation to be disseminating and does no credit to the authors. 

They are refusing to correspond or engage in any discussion and will not consider changing their policies or removing the unsubstantiated and unevidenced allegations from their website.

Until they remove this damaging statement from the public domain, we are recommending that all products sold by this company are boycotted, which is presumably what they want if there is any connection to red squirrel conservation.