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There are some very interesting articles in the latest edition of the Squirrel Accord Newsletter. A copy of it is available in the ABOUT SQUIRRELS  section of the site .

A new report by The Royal Forestry Society has estimated  that grey squirrels damage costs at least £37 million pounds per year in lost timber value, reduced carbon capture, damage mitigation and the cost of replacing trees that have died due to grey squirrel bark stripping. 

Grey squirrel bark stripping occurs between April and August. Damage to trees can be more obvious at this time of year. The UK Squirrel Accord is keen to have photo or video evidence of bark stripping in action or any signs of damage. Please do let them know if you have any or send the information to  with details of any information or credits you would like acknowledged. 

The following video is a clear example of the kind of damage done by greys

Providing nest boxes has been seen to be useful in reducing the impact of forestry operations on red squirrels. If they are put up early enough they can provide useful and important alternative shelter. 

As part of Invasive Species Week the Accord are having an online event on May 26th from 10am to 11.30 am. 

Kay Haw from the Squirrel Accord will speak about woodland invasives and grey squirrel damage

Heinz Traut from  Red Squirrels Northern England will speak about managing invasive grey squirrels to safeguard native red squirrels and woodland diversity

Bridget Johnstone from Knowsley safari will speak about   'reclaiming reds' - a new project to recover red squirrels. 

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